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The Ice Block


Every ice carving comes from a block of ice.

A carving or display can be made of multiple blocks.

One block of ice weighs about 300 pounds, is 40 inches tall, 20 inches wide, and 10 inches deep.

We charge $420 per block of ice used. It doesn't matter if it is a Logo, a Sculpture, or dishware. 

(Additional Charge on Color logos)

Adding a Half Block to the same display is $125. 

Adding a Full Block to the same display is $250

Equipment: $25 per display- Includes Drip Tray, Bucket, and LED Light.

Most clients spend about $445 on their carving- includes Tax and Delivery (Delivery within 60 Miles)

We are in no way limited in design to what is shown before you.

Send us any pictures or ideas you have to share your vision!

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Image by Kelsey Knight

Proudly Serving...

North Eastern Ohio- Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown

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Carve and Deliver

Single or multiple carvings produced in our warehouse and delivered to predetermined location. 

Includes Drip Pan, Hose, and LED lighting. 


Live Demonstration

Single or multiple  raw blocks delivered to location of choosing.

Live demonstration takes place on location at  a predetermined time.

Venue assistance required.


Large Projects

Engineering large ice carving displays.

Can use anywhere from 10 to 150 blocks of ice at a time.

Used for display and/or physical use. 

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